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Supernatural RPG HellSign Out Now on Steam Early Access

Supernatural RPG HellSign on Steam Early Access

HellSign, a new game from Ballistic Interactive, has landed on Steam. And the devs have released a launch trailer that shows off some of the more gory elements of the RPG.

Said trailer teases some gameplay and story elements. You’ll start out as just another paranormal investigator, although you’re one in a world where demons, darkness and evil are a tangible force. From these backdrops, things only get worse as you uncover the reality of your job and just how harrowing things can truly get. Expect lots of gore in this game, fair warning.

For the unaware, HellSign is a mixture of action-RPG elements and paranormal beast hunting. Offering a fusion between horror games and top-down RPGs, this game will tell you what life would be like for ghost and ghoul hunters if we lived in a much more dark and cruel world. As you adventure through the procedurally-generated world, you’ll uncover more secrets that will make you a more effective hunter, but you will also face much more vicious foes.

The final game will include a variety of different story “chapters”, each with their own self-contained creature hunts. In total there’s more than a dozen bosses spread across the three chapters of the story. The current Early Access build covers a small selection of monsters within the first chapter of HellSign.

The developers also released a launch trailer for the game, which you can check out below. HellSign is available now on Steam Early Access (PC), retailing for $14.99 USD.

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