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Death Stranding moving to production, development finished

Death Stranding TGS 2018

Death Stranding is finally almost here. After months of mysterious press coverage, the games industry and the wider fanbase are finally about to dive into the strange world that Kojima Productions has created. That’s because the new game has finally “gone gold”.

The process of “going gold” in entertainment is something that we hear a lot about, but to some people it might still be a mystery. In older generations, discs and other media were pressed from a gold master copy, though nowadays a complicated process of injection molding, laser engraving and multiple layers of material are all integral to mass production of media. Finishing up development is a definite moment of celebration for many developers, as long and arduous projects are finally done with. In a tweet, the staff celebrated too, “Thanks for your support, we can’t wait to bring you a new ‘A HIDEO KOJIMA GAME’,” it stated, with a photo of joyous Kojima Productions staff and Kojima cradling the physical disk that will become the master that discs will be created from

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Death Stranding will launch on PlayStation 4 on November 8th. The game is still very mysterious, although a recently revealed trailer definitely showed off a clearer picture of the story. Norman Reedus’ character is on a quest to help rebuild America, although rather reluctantly, by taking on various rebellions factions. The country has splintered after some strange disaster has afflicted the planet. The disaster appears to be related to some digital construct that allows people to communicate over long distances, although this isn’t too certain. Check out the trailer and see what details you can pick out.

IF you want more news about Kojuma’s latest project, start at the beginning. We first got a real glimpse of the strange game at TGS 2018, where Norman Reedus’ unknown character faced off against a rather menacing new foe. We learned bits and pieces over the next few months, until we finally got to check out the most recent teasers: “Create the Rope”, “Reconnect” and “Tomorrow is in Your Hands“. These revealed new characters, plotlines and other key details.

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