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The Sinking City gets a new gameplay trailer

The Sinking City Detective Gameplay Trailer

So it seems that The Sinking City is still slithering toward release, even after being delayed for some unknown reason, the game is still making the rounds, pumping up the hype train. To that end, Frogwares have unleashed a new gameplay trailer for this mixture of horror and gumshoe action, showing off said detective elements.

The game takes the player to the rotten and disgusting Oakmont, Massachusetts, a place infested with the corruption of some unknown occult force. Players must use their “Mind’s Eye” to scout out the environs for clues and new elements in the case they’re investigating. Everything gets logged in your casebook, and you’ll need all the help you can get to crack this case. Using these mechanics, you need to uncover various elements of these cases to hopefully stop the terrible things that are happening.

In The Sinking City, players will assume the role of Charles W. Reed, an investigator who is sent to the town of Oakmont to uncover some details about mysterious disappearances and other bad goings-on. Problem is, things are increasingly complicated and you’ll need to use the resources at your disposal to try and save the town, and yourself, from this horrifying corruption. Part of those resources is using the town archives in various locations to build their knowledge of the case. The path you take from there depends on you though. The game is not going to hold your hand and you’ll have to rely on your  own fact-finding and reasoning skills to connect the dots and solve the case.

The game is still planned for a 2019 release although it’s not exactly clear when that will happen. You can check out the newest gameplay trailer for The Sinking City down below. If you want to see more of this horror game, there’s one of the original trailers from E3 last year. There’s another trailer which highlights the eerily silent game world and digs deep into your psyche. Finally, there’s some developer insights into the environment design and how Frogwares plans to scare your pants off in devious ways.

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