How to Change Your Hair in Stardew Valley

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Stardew Valley is all about customization. Whether it’s building your farm or creating the ultimate layout, there’s lots of work to be done in this rural village. And one of the first things you will do is actually customize your farmer. You’re given a bunch of options to choose from, but sometimes you want to change things up. Players very often want to change their look as they play very aesthetic games like this, so it’s great to have the option.

There’s ways to change various aspects of your look, but this guide will focus on one that’s a more common question. Yes, you can change the hair of your character in Stardew Valley. Keep reading to learn how using two different methods.

Can You Change Your Hair in Stardew Valley?

To change your appearance (including hair), you will need to befriend the Wizard and raise your relationship with him to at least 4 Hearts. This will begin to unlock various gameplay mechanics, including the ability to change Your Hair in Stardew Valley. To do this, go into the Wizard’s basement and interact with the Shrine of Illusions. You will need to spend 500 G to do this as well.

If you just want to instantly change your hair in Stardew Valley without having to go through the story, keep reading.

How to Change Your Hair in Stardew Valley Using Mods

There is another option if you want to change your haircut or color without advancing the story. That’s where mods come in, being on PC sure has its advantages. You can get all manner of short or long haircuts with a couple of mods. And installation of mods is pretty simple. Most players use some kind of mod manager, such as the Nexus tool to handle most of the work.

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The most versatile mod that you have as an option is the Customize Anywhere mod, this adds special items that you can buy and place down to unlock character customization at any time. You can buy the recipe for the Customization Mirror at Robin’s, and you can build it using 10 Wood and 2 Refined Quartz. Place the mirror inside your house, interact with it and you’re good to go.

This mod (compatible with SVE!) adds a barbershop, including a custom NPC, Tate the Barber, and lets you change hair! It also re-sprites and re-portraits most of the bachelors in the game. The shop can be found south of the Mayor’s House

Another option to just have more hair options in the game is the mod Barber-Ella Hair to Dye For. This mod adds 36 hairstyles for the farmer, from other mods. You won’t have the option to change your hair, but you do get a ton more options on character creation.

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