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Path of Exile: Harvest New Brand Gems Announced

Path of Exile: Harvest Brand Gems

Path of Exile: Harvest has announced the first set of teasers for the new challenge league. GGG has announced a series of changes coming to Brands and other skills, as well as visual tweaks and some skill tree shuffling. This week is already a very exciting time for POE fans, and if you like to play skills like Armaggedon Brand, it’s even better. Because Path of Exile: Harvest Brand Gems are getting a bunch of attention.

Path of Exile: Harvest Brand Gems are getting some pretty big changes with some new additions.  Storm Brand and Armageddon Brand introduced earlier in 2019 are being joined by Arcanist Brand, Penance Brand and Wintertide Brand. Path of Exile 3.11 will include these new brands as well some other very interesting tweaks to existing skills.

Arcanist Brand

This new Brand is all for the spellcasters. By supporting a certain skill, it triggers when the brand fires. The skill fires off projectiles spawned from the supported skill, which can then spread the brand’s effect to other mobs. These projectiles apply the Brand and explode, spawning more projectiles. Pierce, Chain and Fork effects can be used with Arcanist Brand too.

Penance Brand

Penance Brand is a bit different though. Each application of the Brand and the activation of the skill applies an energy-generating effect. It build up energy until it explodes in a shower dealing physical damage with a portion converted to lightning. This can be scaled up with buffs and it will deal more DPS based on the amount of energy built up.

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Wintertide Brand

The new Wintertide Brand will allow builds to apply a Cold damage DOT effect and a chill to enemies. This is done via Brand that applies an intensifying effect each time it’s activated.

Unlike other Brands, Wintertide Brand has a base limit of two Brands per target. This will combo with other Cold damage skills for some very interesting rotations that play very differently to other skills in the game. This particular skill could have some very interesting DoT build potential Can’t wait to see what the community comes up with in Path of Exile 3.11.

Other changes announced by GGG include some alterations to Brand Recall. Brand Recall now consumes mana based on the skill used, rather than the way it worked previously. Players will also notice that duration will no longer refresh on Brand Recall in Path of Exile 3.11. Also, management will be easier. Brands now return to their original or recalled location when dropped by monsters, rather than the dropped monster’s location.

Grinding Gear Games has also announced some new visual tweaks as well. Check out some of the new visual effects and new Brands in action in the trailer below.

Source: POE Site

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