How to find Solar Ships in No Man’s Sky

How to find an Atlas Station in No Man’s Sky

The newest patch for No Man’s Sky has landed. Update 3.85 has introduced many changes and features to No Man’s Sky. Among the many new quest lines and other content added to the game, some shiny new ships have docked in the galaxy. These new ships, called Solar Ships, are some of the most advanced in the game. Players will need to know how to find them, and it appears kind of random.  For players unable to obtain Solar Ship, you need to find one out among the stars.

What are Solar Ships in No Man’s Sky?

Solar Ships are the newest addition to the growing fleet of ships in NMS. Players can take these high-tech crafts out into the stars and see what mysterious things they can uncover. Solar Ships have multiple tech slots and item slots, so the builds can be focused on combat, exploration or anything else. You have plenty of options with these. It’s also worth noting that the Solar ships can also be broken down into parts. These Solar parts can be used to upgrade other ship classes with better weapons, engines and more. The parts you use to make each ship will change its, shape, look and capabilities.

For example, you can get a unique body called the Spider to get a ship that looks more like a drone. The Falcon body type has a slimmer profile and more avian appearance to it. There are six types of body shape for Solar Ships in No Man’s Sky:

  • Falcon
  • Grouper
  • Jackal
  • Marlin
  • Raven
  • Spider

There are plenty of other parts to mess with though, don’t worry. You can fully customize the look with different Solar parts from different classes, that way, no two ships look exactly the same. You can alter the Body Shape, Color, Sail Type, Sail Color, Wings and even Wing Shield of a solar craft. Feel free to mix and match to see what you come up with.

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How to find Solar Ships in No Man’s Sky?

As with any Starship in the game, Solar Ships can be found throughout the universe; but they seem most common in late-game areas. Solar Ships are most often found in Outlaw systems, though they can be found pretty much anywhere. They are relatively new to the game, so the spawn locations haven’t been thoroughly figured out yet. A few spawn coords have already been found and confirmed by the community, you can see the list below.

Using your scanner on a ship found on a planet or station will tell you if it’s a Solar Ship or not. Just scan what you find to see if you found one or not. The spawns are randomized, so it’s not always guaranteed to be what you want.

Galaxy Region Coordinates Ship Class Slots TechSlots Game release
Euclid Eacokst Cluster 0CFF:0077:0C8D:00FD VZ2 Nichik S 15 4 Outlaws
Euclid Fieldazha Cloud 07FC:007D:07F7:0025 FV5 Jirishi B 17 5 Outlaws
Euclid Fieldazha Cloud 07FC:007D:07F7:017B Myokayam’s Wings C 19 6 Outlaws
Euclid Fieldazha Cloud 07FC:007D:07F7:017B Reshima’s Voyage S 15 4 Outlaws
Euclid Fieldazha Cloud 07FC:007D:07F7:0195 VR9 Orozawar S 15 4 Outlaws
Umirpaiya Comascha Expanse 025B:0082:03FF:004A Kudaman’s Voyage A 19 6 Outlaws
Umirpaiya Jeksotri Band 0804:007B:0806:0202 Akitam Adventurer VIII S 15 4 Outlaws
Umirpaiya Jeksotri Band 0804:007B:0806:0202 Inami’s Exhausted Auditor A 15 4 Outlaws
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