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Destiny 2 updates tweak progression, add new sets of armor

Destiny 2 123 update for July 2018

Destiny 2’s 1.2.3 update rolls out today, and it adds several new features and quality of life changes that fans have been waiting for. New exotic catalysts, a new bounty system, and crucible rank reworks are coming to Destiny 2 on this day.

Players hunting after the highly-useful Exotic Catalysts will find their lives being made much easier after today.  The drop rates for these items have been buffed. Several new Catalysts are being added today. The Legend of Acrius catalyst will be available from the Prestige Leviathan raid, the Telesto catalyst will be available through the Prestige Eater of Worlds raid lair, and the Sleeper Simulant catalyst will be available through the Prestige Spire of Stars raid lair. The Skyburner’s Oath catalyst will also drop more frequently during the Leviathan raid. Lastly, Sturm’s exotic catalyst will now be available by defeating enemies on Nessus.

Various player abilities are being made either more powerful or easier to use as well. Heroic Strikes as a whole will be a bit easier, as Bungie also toned down a handful of negative modifiers throughout various game modes.

This update also lays the groundwork for the Solstice of Heroes event. Once that event kicks off players will find a Statue of Heroes at the center of the Tower’s square. They’ll be able to get a low-level “Shattered Armor” set. Completing requirements such as rotating story missions like Homecoming or 1AU will allow players to upgrade them to their “Rekindled” versions.

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Players will need to upgrade these armor sets to their max power of 400, and then combine them with the new prestige reward weapons in order to reach the new level cap.

This new event kicks off at the end of the month on July 31.

Aside from new events and balance changes, Crucible playlists are getting some changes with the update as well:

  • Quickplay will now be 6v6 full-time.
  • Supremacy has been removed from the quickplay playlist.
  • Control Zones now all start as neutral.
  • Players will now also be able to earn Valor through Crucible Labs, Iron Banner, and Competitive matches.
  • Loss streaks will be more forgiving and joining a match in-progress will no longer counts against players.

Bungie are adding in new playlists for Quickplay as well, and many of these changes apply there as well.

Check out a preview video below. Bungie released this as a peek behind-the-scenes for the updates coming to Destiny 2 this month. Overall, these updates show that Bungie is working hard to make Destiny 2 a success, and is paying very close attention to player feedback to make sure that gamers are happy.

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