How to heal in Satisfactory

How to heal in Satisfactory

Satisfactory is a pretty cool game. The game challenges the player to build a massive factory with everything from spaceships to nuclear fuel. If you’ve ever played Factorio, you know what this formula is. There are vehicles that you can drive around, giant flying aliens and so much more. The developers over at Coffee Stain have done a pretty wonderful job with the game.

But because there are so many mechanics, some players seem a little confused, so here’s a guide on how to heal in Satisfactory. There are a few different ways to heal within the game, and each one has its own effectiveness. You will find various healing items either out in the world or made via crafting.

Some of the resources gathered can be used directly to heal, others require a bit of work.

Beryl Nut
Beryl Nuts can be found on plants that you will find growing all over the world. Once you pick it up, just put it in your inventory and equip it to consume it. You will also use these as a component in the Medical Inhaler, the best healing item in the game.

Heals for 5 HP

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Paleberry can be found on plants that you will find growing all over the world, but it is harder to find than Beryl Nuts. You will use them in the same way you do other berry-based healing items. They are also required to build Medicinal Inhalers later in the game.

Heals for 10 HP

Bacon Agaric
Bacon Agaric is a mushroom-like plant that can once again be found through the world but is even rarer than Paleberry. Use the Object Scanner to hunt down this particular item.

Heals for 20 HP

Medicinal Inhaler
Medicinal Inhalers can be unlocked at the M.A.M building and made using various resources you can find in the game. The project for Medical Inhalers is a Tier 1 research goal derived from the M.A.M. building.. There are various recipes for the Medicinal Inhalers, and they can be made using a combination of Beryl Nuts, Paleberries, Bacon Agaric, Alien Organs, and Mycelia.

Heals for 100 HP.

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