How to Get Straw in Medieval Dynasty

How to get a Waterskin in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty is a game all about surviving and thriving in the medieval hell that is real life in the middle ages. You need to grow food, build a house and just try to survive, at first. But you will very quickly notice that you can start to ascend the social ladder, gaining power over villages and lands of your own. But before you get to that point, you need to get started.

There are tons of things to craft in this game, and you will likely need many basic tools to get started. The Waterskin is another basic item that you need to make to survive. To get to the rank of nobility you aspire to, you need to be able to gather basic foodstuffs and other materials. Straw in Medieval Dynasty is a key part of that.

To get Straw in Medieval Dynasty, you will need to search along the coasts of rivers. You will find Reeds spawning along these watery depths. Reeds tend to blend in with the green grasses, so keep your eyes peeled and look for the prompt to harvest it. You will see a prompt that says Reed when you find some. Just collect a bunch and move on.

Flax, Oat, Rye, and Wheat can also be harvested for straw and foodstuffs.

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One of the more useful things to use straw for is animal feed. If you’re planning to get deep into agriculture and plan to raise cattle, you will need a steady supply. You can make many other items with Straw in Medieval Dynasty. Reeds can be harvested and use to make thatch roofs for homes. You can use torches to keep the darkness at bay. Basic hats and other attire can also be crafted from straw. It’s an extremely versatile material, and you will want to gather plenty of it.

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