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BioShock: The Collection has been officially announced, coming on September 13th

BioShock: The Collection Announced

Good news everyone! It turns out that 2K Games is in the business of giving fans of some of their best games exactly what they want. That’s because the company has just announced that BioShock: The Collection, a full remastered collection of all three BioShock games and their associated DLC, is coming out soon. The collection is due out on September 13th of this year, in case you were wondering.

BioShock: The Collection includes all three BioShock games, complete with all single-player DLC. This bundle is further enhanced with the addition of a new video series produced for hardcore fans that talks about the history of the franchise, as well as the development process. That video package also includes commentary from Ken Levine, the legendary creator of the series. The creator is joined by Shawn Robertson, animation lead on BioShock and animation director on BioShock Infinite to talk about their work with the games.

The project is being developed by developed by Blind Squirrel Games, with plans to release it on all of the platforms, including PC and consoles. Graphically the overall look of the games has been tuned up, offering a much more immersive experience. The Burial at Sea DLC episodes, Clash in the Clouds pack, and a bunch of other content is being for Infinite, in addition to all the other previously released DLC for the other games in the series. Sadly, no multiplayer components will be included in these remasters though, specifically this references BioShock 2, which had a multiplayer component..

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And there’s even more good news for those who have bought into the franchise before. Those fans who  already own BioShock 1, BioShock 2, or the Minerva’s Den DLC will get the upgraded versions for free. 2K Games has pledged that these versions will offer the optimal BioShock experience. You can check out a preview of the versions in this collection in the trailer down below.


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