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Steam Summer Sale 2016 Begins, Promises Delicious Picnic of Deals

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The patented Valve sale format has changed a few times over the past few years. For this latest sales event, they seem to be sticking to their more straightforward model. No ‘Daily Deals’ or ‘Flash sale’ stuff; it looks like everything that’s on sale right now will be at that price, and remain so, until 10am (Pacific) on 4 July when the sale ends.

That means the old advice of “wait for a daily deal on games you’re interested in!” no longer applies.

The Winter Sale system of rewarding customers with sale-themed trading cards for looking at games in their discovery queues is back again, so Valve obviously noticed a correlation between incentivising people to do that and game sales. There doesn’t seem to be an associated meta-game this time, unless that just hasn’t appeared yet.

As usual when the Steam Summer Sale launches, their servers are under tremendous strain and sales deals might take a while to actually update. Wishlists, for example, are notorious for taking a while to accurately reflect the new prices.

Interested users can check below for a list of games across a variety of genres that could be a great deal. Each deal set is sorted by genre.

XCOM 2 $35.99 – A fiendishly difficult strategy title where players must command a global resistance movement against a superior alien occupation.

Homeworld: Remastered $17.49 – An excellent remaster of the classic two Homeworld RTS titles.

Age of Empires II: HD $2.99 – A classic strategy title remade for the modern gamer.

Cities: Skylines $11.99 – The talented modding community, loads of DLC and an overall solid game make this the de facto king of city building games in 2016.

Crusader Kings II $9.99 – If you’ve ever wanted to act out your fantasies as feudal lord or king, CKII is for you. The amount of mods, DLC and historical possibilities are nearly endless.

This War of Mine $4.99 – A title that forces the player into the role of a civilian in a war zone, a terrifying and trying experience to say the least.

Tabletop Simulator $9.99 – An accurate and easy creation engine for nearly any tabletop game. The large and active modding community adds quite a bit of functionality. The game shines in multiplayer.

The Witcher III: Wild Hunt $24.99 – An expansive and well-crafted RPG with an engaging story and amazing production values.

ARMA 3 $19.99 – A highly customizable military shooter with an extensive modding scene. Great for high-realism military shooter fans.

DOOM $35.99 – The newest entry in the long-running franchise promises plenty of demonic blood and guts.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive $14.99
– A fast paced competitive shooter with an active community and tons of fun.

PAYDAY 2 $5.00 – A great mix of shooter and RPG where players take on the role of highly talented criminals carrying out high-value heists.

Valve Complete Bundle $31.80 – A huge discount for a huge collection of Valve titles.

SOMA $14.99 – An engaging and terrifying storytelling experience that ponders many questions about the nature and future of humanity.

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