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EVE Online: The Meta Show – The CCP Round Table


Darius Johnson joins Laz and The Mittani this week from the EVE Online Alliance Tournament San Diego meetup.

To start the show, Laz and The Mittani give you a recap of everything happening in EVE Nullsec, including the fighting between NCDOT and Pizza.

The hot topic of the show was CCP’s Round Table disaster. The group discusses the missteps from CCP’s executive team, the seeming lack of communication from CCP’s leadership and their mishandling of the messaging and communication with the EVE Online community.

Aside from CCP Mimic’s effort to explain the situation in his post, there seemed to be no effort at communicating to the EVE community on the part of CCP executives leading into the expansion.

With this lack of planning and communication the round table turned very ugly, which should have been expected since CCP put unprepared community people in front the EVE playerbase’s firing squad.

After reviewing all the missteps of CCP, Laz, The Mittani and Darius Johnson go over how CCP can salvage the situation, including:

• Cure the jump fatigue problem and give people a reason to own systems in EVE Online sov space.

• Reduce the number of nodes that spawn in a challenge and implement automatic node decay.

• Make the Entosis module freeze your ship in place

Watch the whole episode of The Meta Show to get all the details on the CCP Round Table.

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