How to upgrade items in Godfall

How to upgrade items in Godfall

Godfall  is a brand new looter RPG. The developers have built the system with a ton of variety going on. As you play the game you will unlock a bunch of different features. Godfall has a pretty deep crafting system that allows the player to alter their gear to their liking. To upgrade items in Godfall you need to unlock the feature first.

How to upgrade items in Godfall

Godfall will give you the option to upgrade gear and other weapons during the mission “The Godsmith”, during this session you will be introduced to Zenun Earthminder. This NPC will show up back in the Sanctum to man the forge. Head there to start the process. You can then interact with the forge, which is right next to him, and upgrade your items through there.

When you interact with the forge and highlight an item, the resource costs will be shown to you. Each tier has increasing volumes and variety of resources. For example, you might just spend 200 Electrum on the first boost. The second boost could cost 400 Electrum and something like 5 Dragonsteel. Another level of upgrades might cost 800 Electrum and 10 Dragonsteel.

There are multiple levels of upgrades in the game, and players can stack on multiple levels of stat improvements. And when you get to higher levels of upgrades for an item, you can also augment the item. The player can choose to improve the traits on the item when they hit the third level of upgrades. So if you have a weapon that does extra crit damage, you can improve the percentage of critical damage with that upgrade.

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As for what items to upgrade, it’s kind of your choice. If you have an item you like you can spend your materials on that. You might want to save the rarest materials you have for the most powerful items. Just like any good loot-RPG you will get some rather powerful Legendary and Unique items. You can’t really go wrong by saving materials to upgrade these rare items.

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