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Star Wars Battlefront Bespin DLC Released


Alongside today’s release of the Bespin DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront, the game has received a substantial patch for all players. The maximum rank has been increased from 60 to 70, and there are changes to the way the ‘Partner’ system works. See below for the full change-log.

On the DLC front, Bespin adds Lando and Denger as playable heroes, as well as five maps based around Cloud City. There is also a new game mode called ‘Sabotage’, in which the Rebels must destroy a Tibanna Gas Generators that the Empire faction is using to prevent Rebel transports departing the station.

New weapons (the X-8 Night Sniper and EE-4) are included in the DLC too, along with new Star Cards. Here’s what’s been added for both Bespin-owning and regular Star Wars: Battlefront players.

New content for DLC owners:

New Environment:

  • Five new maps set around or on Cloud City.

New Weapons

  • X-8 Night Sniper: A blaster pistol with a focus on long range and a night vision scope.
  • EE-4: Spread burst weapon with short-to-medium range and high damage.

New Star Cards

  • Shock Grenade: A non-lethal grenade with a small radius that will stun opponents caught in the blast.
  • Scout Binoculars: Outlines enemy soldiers when zooming through the goggles. After pressing fire, any soldiers in line of sight get tagged for your entire team for 4-5 seconds.
  • Disruption: Instantly overheats the weapons of any soldiers in close proximity to the player.
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New Heroes

  • Lando Calrissian
    – Power Blast – Once activated it will give a critical modifier on Lando’s blaster fire for a limited time
    – Shocking Trap – Throws a decoy on the ground to confuse the enemy and shock anyone that gets close.
    – System Disruption – Disrupt all nearby enemies weapons & star cards, setting them to overheat / cooldown. Also affects Hero abilities.
  • Dengar
    – Explosive Rush – Dengar runs forwards and sticks grenades to all enemies he passes.
    – Frenzied Blast – Greatly increases the fire-rate for his primary weapon.
    – Hurricane Strike – Perform a melee sweeping attack while running forward.

New Game Mode: Sabotage

  • The Empire are using Tibanna Gas Generators to power their tractor beams, preventing Rebel transports from escaping Cloud City. The Rebels must blow up the generators and defend their extraction point. The Empire must stop the Rebels and hunt them down.

New Hutt Contract:

  • A new batch of 8 Hutt Contracts.

Cloud Car:

  • Added the Cloud Car as a playable vehicle on the new maps. The cloud car features twin blaster cannons, concussion missiles and a sensor jammer.
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