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Anthem getting new Cataclysm content on PTR

Anthem Cataclysm Content Coming Soon

So Anthem players have had a lot to complain about. The loot system has been broken. The content progression made no sense. Many areas were buggy and broken. On and on the problems went, and as the issues mounted, so too did ill will for BioWare. Much of the blame for the messy state of Anthem’s launch was laid at the feet of both EA and BioWare, as core design decisions made with the game revealed deeper issues that weren’t easy to fix. This in turn caused many to up an abandon the shooter entirely.

And with the upcoming EA Play event, gamers who are still powering through Anthem‘s problems may finally have a bright spot on the horizon for their faith in the new Bioware title. And the imminent release of the 1.2 bugfix and balance patch may also help in that regard. BioWare is hoping to leverage that to generate some positive feelings about their shooter, which they can turn into hype for the first major post-launch event, Cataclysm.

BioWare has scheduled a livestream for May 30 at 3:00 pm Central, in which the company apparently plans to reveal the details surrounding this new batch of content. The much anticipated Cataclysm event will include some major tweaks to the game, one’s likely to be welcomed by players. Details are still pretty murky, but we can certainly expect more loot, missions and Strongholds to be a core part of this expansion.

And with the new 1.2 patch making adjustments to these very areas by doing things like adding new Legendary Missions and tweaking the difficulty of Strongholds, it’s clear that BioWare has something planned for the endgame in Anthem. Although they’ve clearly learned their lesson with rocky launches. The company will first be rolling out the Cataclysm content to the Public Test Realm for the game, the first time the system has been used for this particular game. The goal is clear, test and iterate on the new content before deploying it to the wider playerbase.

Anthem is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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