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There are many different things you can do in video games, and the popularity of life sims has helped this perception. One particular mobile game, BitLife, has really captured this feeling. You live a digital life from birth to death and make many decisions in-between. Players pick everything that impacts your digital life, and it’s going to be a big mess if you don’t do well. Of course, sometimes that’s exactly what you want.

You can become a wealthy star, or a powerful gangster, there’s nothing you really can’t do. There’s even the potential to master instruments like the guitar, piano and more. Like any instrument, the process of being a great musician means you need to put the work in. Being able to master Guitar in BitLife is all about repeating the same action over and over.

How to master Guitar in BitLife

You can take lessons for martial arts and instruments when you first reach Middle School. Go into the Activities menu and click the  Mind and Body tab and then clicking Instruments. You will see a list of eight different instruments here, choose one to practice it. You will have to pay for each lesson, paying as much as $1,500 or more per lesson. When you’re young your parents should be offering to cover lessons for one instrument and/or martial art. Anymore than that and they probably won’t offer up the cash.

Once you graduate high school, you will have to pay for your own lessons. Make sure to get a good job if you plan to master more instruments and other tasks.

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You can raise your skill by practicing around once or twice per year. Doing the practice lesson more than that won’t fill the skill bar further. As you fill up the bar each year, you will see it turn from red to green. Once it fills up entirely, you’re finished.

That’s all you need to do to master Guitar in BitLife. From here, you can go on to audition for bands and try to make it big in the music industry.

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