How to get the Bighorn exotic in The Division 2

The Division 2

Exotic weapons and gear in The Division 2 are some of the best items in the game, and players chase them for good reason. And with the main game’s latest expansion Warlords of New York there’s a new batch of content to hunt, and players are going to need some new hardware. The Division 2 has some new military-grade hardware in store for players, like the new Bighorn exotic.

The talented data miners on Reddit have uncovered the method to get this weapon, and it’s not easy. The Bighorn exotic in The Division 2 can only be obtained via completing legendary level missions and strongholds, and it gets worse. The massive powerful rifle only has a 5% drop chance across the entire loot table.

To get a shot at these drops, you need to be level 40 to take on these missions, so keep that in mind. But once you do get your own copy of the Bighorn exotic you will be able to overcome quite a few challenging bounties and other missions.

This particular piece of kit offers a rather powerful addon, Big Game Hunter as a new perk. This added ability brings a massive bonus, namely giving players the option to gain a 450 percent more damage bonus on any shot while scoped. This ability makes it one of the most powerful long-range weapons within The Division 2.

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