How army replenishment in A Total War Saga: Troy works

How army replenishment works in A Total War Saga: Troy

As you fight your way through ancient Greece and the legends of the Oddysey, you will have to take on some very difficult fights. Your armies will take losses, and you won’t always win every battle. When you do win, it will be a moment of elation. But when your forces take losses, you need to deal with army replenishment in A Total War Saga: Troy.

Your hero units won’t lose all their form, but their unit numbers can be seriously depleted. So let’s talk about how to deal with this and rebuild your damaged armies.

What is army replenishment?

Army replenishment restores your unit’s after a battle. Each unit has a health value that denotes how many fighters can be found in each one during a battle. You can see what units are replenishing their numbers by the health icon next to their card while you have the unit UI open. army replenishment in A Total War Saga: Troy happens each time you’re in friendly territory each turn. You will not replace lost soldiers while in enemy territory. After each battle, you often need to return your armies to your own territory to replenish their numbers.

How to replenish your armies outside of your territory?

There is one way around this is to reset your army stance. Each general has a stance that can be changed, to gain army replenishment while in an enemy’s territory, you need to change your stance to Encampment within the relevant UI. You can only do it while they have at least 50 percent of the movement points for an army available. In essence, you’re sacrificing a turn moving around the campaign map to rebuild an army. This all means that you will need to be careful about when and where you use the stance.

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You really don’t want to get caught in enemy territory against a fresh army while you’re trying to manage multiple armies at once. You need to be really careful about how many armies you have out in the field as well, as it can be too easy to forget to rest an army that’s out raiding or taking new territory far away.

The encampment stance is a good way to remain inside of an enemy’s territory to keep your troops fighting fit. It’s also a good way to lure the enemy to location if they believe you are licking your wounds. The encampment stance boosts defenses for a short time to account for the lack of mobility, so it might be worth setting an ambush. Try taking a weaker army out as bait and having a stronger army positioned nearby to reinforce. If you can time it right, there’s prime opportunity to abuse the AI with this tactic.

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