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Faith: The Unholy Trilogy has retro horror flair for 2020

Faith: The Unholy Trilogy Revealed

A new horror game has just been announced, it’s called Faith: The Unholy Trilogy, and it will bring a rather strange mixture to swallow. Developer Airdorf Games’ Faith series is broken up into multiple chunnks, with each one compounding a different element of the story together. The plot, according to the game’s Steam page, tells the story of a young priest trapped in a twisting and horrifying plot. There’s even a powerful Satanic cult to undermine and eventually take down at the center of a grand conspiracy. The path you take you into some dreary tones, and the whole package is going to have quite the weird bits of horror packed in.

If you’ve paid attention to Black Mirror: Banersnatch, and noticed the game being developed within that trippy find-your-adventure nightmare, this game definitely has some shared visual styles with that. It’s much more complex than that, as the game also blends in different visual styles across the board. Publisher New Blood Interactive looks to have created a rather strange take on modern horror blended with a classic look. It will be very interesting to see how this effort turns out.

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Faith: The Unholy Trilogy will be the newest title in the series published by that company, with the first game setting the tone and placing for the story. Said story is dark and foreboding, and not at all an easy think to comprehend. It looks like the horror will be very cerebral, and intentionally leaving the player in the dark. This new version of the game includes the third game is in the works — for Steam. Titled Faith: The Unholy Trilogy, the bundle will house the first two games and contain an all-new third installment, Faith: Chapter III.

A 2020 release has been scheduled for Faith: The Unholy Trilogy, although no firm date is currently set. the Steam title,

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