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Persona 5 Royal Arrives in the West in March

Persona 5 Rotal Confirmed

A formal announcement may be coming soon, but it appears as though the release date for a Western version of Persona 5 Royal has now been confirmed. Leaks and suspicion from early today appear to have missed the mark, but not by too much. The reveal comes to us from one of the constant sources for early leaks, an online retailer.

Thanks to a store page on Amazon, it has been divulged that Persona 5 Royal will launch on March 31, 2020. This differs from the previously teased release date from PSN’s Asia branch. The inital thought was that the Asian markets for Korea, China and other locales would act in lieu of a full English localization, by using English subtitles. But it has now been confirmed that a full localization is coming next year.

March 2020 will be a very busy month for gamers, as it’s packed full of new releases. The first chapter of the anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake is due then. This will compete with DOOM Eternal, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons, among many other titles.

Persona 5 Royal will of course tap into the special collector’s editions trend as well to help push more units.The Steelbook Launch Edition just the base game with a fancier case. The Phantom Thieves Edition is a much more pricey version with bonuses galore. The special version has an art book, a CD containing the soundtrack, a dynamic PS4 theme, a collector’s case, and a Phantom Thieves that Persona 5’s protagonist Joker wears in the game. And yes, the whole thing is bundled with the same aforementioned steelbook case.

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But to help it stand out among the crowd, Atlus has a few tricks up their sleeve for the fans. The game has been out in Japan since October, and has garnered an impressive amount of sales.  Persona 5 Royal has been able to garner 400,000 sales since launch in Japan alone. The base Persona 5 variant has pushed roughly 3.2 million units in total. And with the wider franchise pushing past 11 million software units sold, it’s still a strong contender in an increasingly crowded gaming market.

Atlus will likely have more to share on the western release of Persona 5 Royal later today, so keep an eye out.

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