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How to farm Sola Toroid in Warframe

Here's how to get Lavos in Warframe

Sola Toroid is one of the many types of rare drops known as Toroids in Warframe. These rare drops are pretty useful, and you will eventually need to farm them at some point. A Sola Toroid can be traded in for 1,000 Standing with Vox Solaris. You can also use them to make upgrades for Operators and Amps. Thy are also used to upgrade on some Vox Solaris Standing Ranks. Here’s what you want to do to farm them.

Like any other farming run in the game, you can boost your chances with a group, as well as bringing along certain abilities. Nekros and Khora are great choices here. Other choices like Ivara can also help too.

You can bring Resource Boosters along to help in farming too. If you get a daily reward with a 6-hour Resource Booster, now is the perfect time to go farming for resources. Finally, if you have a Smeeta Kavat, its Charm ability will increase the number of resource drops that you collect. Don’t spend any real money on Resource Boosters or Platinum to get resources like this though, they’re a huge waste of money. Instead, focus on spending money on a Nekros Prime if you really want it.

Best spot to get Sola Toroid

You can easily farm Sola Toroids in Temple of Profit.  The area is in the far north of the map, so you’re in for a trek to get there. You can spawn higher-level enemies by letting the enemies put down a Reinforcement Beacon. Don’t destroy it, let it keep spawning new waves. When it gets to Alert Level 4, the most powerful waves drop Sola Toroids at an increased rate.

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