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Pokémon Go miners reveal Rainy Lure Module, Route Maker, and more

Pokémon Go Version 0.205.0 Leaked

A new update is about to debut for Pokémon Go. The new APK for version 0.205.0 will add a bunch of new stuff. There are some major new features coming, and here’s what we know. The update has been picked apart, with the highlights posted by Pokeminers on Reddit.

The Routes code has been something miners and fans have kept an eye on for some time. The routes have unique music and mechanics, and are basically a recreation of the Routes from the mainline games. Each Route will have unique spawns often set against a time limit. Players have to engage with the set locations to get special Pokémon spawns and other rewards. There may even be events that use routes. Players will get their progress tracked, and Niantic could offer special stuff in exchange for completing certain milestones.

Other additions include some new Lures and other items. Rainy Lure Modules would be the fifth Module type added to Pokémon Go. The current Modules include a regular Lure Module, Glacial Lure Module, Magnetic Lure Module, and the Mossy Lure Module. Each one offers a special amount of time that players can boost the spawns in an area. The new Rainy Lure has the likely effect that it boosts spawns around Pokéstops for Water-type monsters. Players could also see evolutions spawn too.

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A new series of events is also coming for the new version of Pokémon Snap for the Switch. Gamers will likely be able to find more unique spawns and probably involve the AR and camera features on their phones.

Trainers will soon have the ability to upload Wayfarer submissions as well, adding new layers to the mechanic.

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