How to marry rich in BitLife

How to have twins in BitLife

BitLife is a mobile simulation game that allows for many crazy things to happen. You take a randomized character through a digital life and all of its twists. Things can get pretty grim, but not always. Sometimes you really do get the fairy tale ending with a rich prince. If that’s what you’re after, you will want to try and marry rich in BitLife. Here are some tips on how to do that.

There are several ways you can find love for your character in BitLife, but the game makes it harder to predict how wealthy they will be. If you hunt for love early in life, there’s a lot less chance you can marry into a wealthy family. here are several ways to tell if someone is rich in BitLife, but most of them are somewhat reliant on RNG.

Every character in the game generates with a certain set of stats. If you click on any character you’ve met, you will see those stats listed. The third stat underneath any character you examine before dating them is the ‘Money’ stat, right below Smarts. You want to make sure this stat is high as possible.  The fuller the meter, the more money they have. It can be tough to find someone with a ton of cash, but it can be done. It’s really just about dating until you find someone with a lot of money.

The best approach is to wait a bit in life. If you’re in university, it will take some time to find a wealthy person. Most college students are pretty broke, and it could take years for them to build up wealth. If you want to marry rich in BitLife, the best thing you can do is wait. Getting a job in a profitable field and dating your coworkers is a good approach here.

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It’s also a good idea to sign a prenup for this step. If you’re already wealthy, you don’t want to lost half your assets. If you’re doing the new Tanya Bregar Challenge, this will probably be the case, depending on the order you took. If you’re not doing that, you will probably have to sign one for your spouse whose much wealthier compared to you.

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