How do you stop Boredom in Project Zomboid?

Project Zomboid

Moodles and skills are a huge part of the game in Project Zomboid. There are many kinds of moodles, both positive and negative. As you play the game, you will encounter many of them. Each one will affect the mental and physical state of your character. Managing all of this can be pretty heavy, and takes some learning. These guides will help you understand some of the harder to figure out elements. Then there are traits.

Players pick various traits when designing their characters. This has two major impacts: one is that you determine skill-based bonuses; the other helps you immerse into your character for the sake of roleplaying. Both can be a ton of fun to fool around with. But much like real life, not everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Various negative traits and moodles also exist in the game, The more common, but still dangerous, ones include things like Boredom. As Boredom in Project Zomboid develops it’s a sign you need to change things up.

How do you stop Boredom in Project Zomboid?

Be careful and stay on top of these though, as they can worsen over time. Many negative noodles in Project Zomboid have a progression to them, and as they get worse, so too do the negative effects. The worst thing about boredom is that it can eventually progress into depression. Depression will make it take a lot longer to get things done, so you really don’t want that to happen.

There are a few different items you can use to get your boredom down. Various actions such as watching TV or VHS tapes are great for both building skills and reducing boredom. You can also find magazines in gas stations and often in the same places as books. Other items such as comic books and CDs can also lower Boredom.

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Your diet in-game is also a possible influence here. The game adds happiness to food that’s usually classed as “junk food”. Ice cream other perishable items should be consumed when you find them, as they give a bonus to happiness. Cooking fresh food and making sure it’s not burnt can help later in the game. Fresh fruits and vegetables can also give a minor buff.

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