How to Complete Tanya Bregar Challenge in BitLife

How to Complete Tanya Bregar Challenge in BitLife

Tanya Bregar is one of millions of popular YouTube names of the last few years. With 200,000 followers, she has rocketed into a very unqiue place in the social media landscape. Part of her fame is built on being very controversial, and even getting into some very strange trouble. The newest BitLife challenge once again delves into the nightmare of social media for a new set of achievements. Here are all the steps you need to complete for the Tanya Bregar Challenge in BitLife.

How to Complete Tanya Bregar Challenge in BitLife

Here are the objectives you need to complete.

  • Be born a female in Canada
  • Have a perfect relationship with a rabbit named Coco
  • Amass a million followers on Social Media
  • Have 10+ Children
  • Burgle 10+ Houses
  • Marry rich

The whole thing is a bit of a mess. The start is pretty innocent, but it’s going to get much weirder. For starters, make a female Canadian character and get ready to get chaos going.

After you’ve made your character, it’s time to get working. The first thing you need to do when you’re a kid is getting a pet rabbit. Go into Activities, and choose Pets, and find one at a pet store. You need to find a bunny and name it CoCo. You can then spend time with it each time you age up. Just go into the Relationships tab and spend time with the bunny. As you take care of it, the meter will fill up. Keep it filled up for a time, until the bunny passes away. Once that’s done, move on to getting on social media.

You can join social media when you get into middle school. Pick any number of social media accounts and join up. Keep making content of the same types each year. Make 5-8 content pieces on each account each time you level up. Sign up for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube and keep churning out content.

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You can access your social media profiles through the Assets tab. Go to Assets, and then click on Social Media to open up all your accounts. As long as you see your followers and views increasing, you will be able to make more content. If you get lucky and go viral you will speed this part up. When you get to 1 million followers and go Famous, you’re good to go and move on.

When you’re popular on social media, you can now move onto a career in crime. To burgle houses in BitLife, go into the Activities section and choose Crime. Choose the Burglary option and get going. Just keep committing the crime until you get caught. If you do get caught, immediately close out BitLife and reopen it before the game saves.

Now, you will need to have ten or more children. This involves pushing out a bunch of relationships. This time, the challenge makes it much easier. You just need to have 10 kids, and they can be from any number of partners or sources. You could even use artificial insemination if you want. The fastest way to accomplish this is to keep hooking up and getting pregnant 10 times.

Now it’s time to get married. You will want to be married to someone with tons of money. It’s kind of random, but just keep trying until the objective is checked off.

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