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How To Unlock Colors in Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 is here, and with it comes an impressive roster of more than 15 fighters, with more on the way. Each one has their own unique moves and a bevy of costumes, but that’s just the start. The addition of World Tour has allowed for a lot more creatively designed fighters. Players can make their own create-a-character fighter, complete with a move set that’s assembled from the various elements of the main cast. Like Guile’s Flash Kick and Blanka’s grabs? You can have both in the same fighter in World Tour.

Changing your avatar is a huge part of the more as you progress through it. You can start out fairly normally and make a facsimile of yourself, or go right into making an absolute freak for the fun of it. Whatever you want to do, the game has a ton of moves and costume choices to accommodate that. There’s even a mountain of customization options for both the main roster and your CaC.

How To Unlock Colors in Street Fighter 6

To change the color of a character in Street Fighter 6, you can do so from the Character Select scene before heading into any mode. Each player gets a pair of costumes around a set of colors to begin, but you can always unlock more.

In Street Fighter 6, the Fighter Coins are the premium currency you use to unlock more colors and other stuff and microtransactions. The Fighter Coins, in contrast, can only be purchased with real money, with no way right now of earning them in-game. Drive Coins are the alternative to this, that can be used to earn stuff via Weekly Challenges and other rewards. A common way to earn alternate colors in Street Fighter 6 is to grind through the free Fighter Pass. Basically, just play the game and do as well as you can.

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This applies for when you can select a character, and when you queue for any online matches. Just select your character from the battle settings menu, along with their color choice.

For those who don’t own any of the special editions or are unwilling to pay for any passes that grant extra colors for characters they won’t use: there’s an additional option available to you. If you visit the in-game Shop from the main menu, you can buy colors for 50 Fighter Coins or 1000 Drive Coins each. You could get the costume choices via the packages available via Steam, like the Ultimate Pass, so that’s one option if you don’t want to grind.

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