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Why was Trials of Osiris disabled in Destiny 2

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Many players have noticed something strange in Destiny 2. The Trials of Osiris event looks to have been turned off entirely. Bungie has a reason for this, and it’s pretty weird. Trials of Osiris has been fraught with issues and glitches for some time. The mode has been plagued by a variety of problems, but the latest one is much worse than any that came before it.

It turns out that many players, potentially most of the players in the mode, had been abusing a rampant glitch. The glitch would allow a team to achieve a Flawless rating, even without scoring any kills on other teams. Being a PvP mode, this was too strange to ignore. On Feb. 28 Bungie stepped in to disable the mode.

The glitch would basically allow players to spam matchmaking with two teams; one made up of actual players, and then another with unplayed alts. All the players would just spam matchmaking with their accounts until they got into the same match together with their alts. This would be bad enough if it was done on a small scale, only it was rampant.

According to Destiny Trials Report, as much as 50% of the PC playerbase was abusing this method. It’s estimated that more than 10,000 players abused the trick at least once, with as many as 48% of those players getting Flawless without a single kill.

As of now, Trials of Osiris will remain disabled while Bungie figures out how to patch the problem. We may see some kind of limiting or even banning of alt accounts in the future, so watch out for that. No official news on when or if the mode will return has been announced. Cheating on this scale is disastrous, so it’s doubtful if Bungie ever bring the mode back.

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