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Final Fantasy XIVs decision to limit housing has backfired


Even though the Stormblood expansion for FF XIV has been well-received, it hasn’t been without it’s issues. It started quests being bugged due to overloaded instances, and now with update 4.1 a new challenge has appeared. This time around it’s due to extreme demand for limited housing in the games new region, Shirogane.

Player immediately tried to claim a housing plot when the October 10 update launched, but the vast majority were unsuccessful. These highly desirable plots were snapped up within hours, with guilds taking advantage of the option to transfer their base of operations to the new plots of land. Unfortunately, only a few groups were able to take advantage of this group transfer, as the sudden rush for new land brought the servers to their knees.

Square Enix are aware of the issue, and plan to expand the number of available housing plots in patch 4.2, as well as bring some upgrades to the servers to better handle the load. All of this was explained in a forum post from the games producer Naoki Yoshida (affectionately known to fans as Yoshi-P).

The problem is that 4.2 is likely several months away, and that the solution of adding more housing is just a stop-gap measure that simply seeks to fill ravenous player demand. So players are likely to be more than a little annoyed about player housing for the foreseeable future.

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