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Catch a Shiny Magikarp in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Shiny Magikarp

Max Raid Battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield are one of the many new additions to the franchise with the Switch release. Various new gameplay mechanics include PokeJobs, Gigantamaxing and a bunch of other fun junk. The Pokemon Company has really knocked this new game out of the park in terms of fun and quality. With the addition of new multiplayer modes as well, I can see this game have a nice long lifespan on the Switch. And to help keep the game going, Nintendo and the developer are pushing in-game events pretty hard.

The developer has already had events with free Pokeballs in a variety of different Mystery Gifts for all users. A special Gigantamax Snorlax was also part of the game in one area as a Raid. Now the newest event offers what amounts to a free Shiny.

One of the newest events is that ability to have a pretty good shot a free Shiny Poke. Head to the Dens in the Wild Area to take a shot at your free shiny. In particular, the game gives players a chance to grab as many Shiny Magikarp as they can. Friends can make there way to that area and have a chance to catch it. This special Shiny Magikarp event will only be going on until January 3rd, so get going.

Luckily there’s no special requirements to try and catch this shiny little splash boi. And if you get lucky enough to grab one, it will level into the ultra-powerful Gyrados at Level 20. This is a great addition to any team, with both Water and Dragon type moves as a baseline. The Water/Flying-type Pokemon is just a great Gen 1 beast overall, and having a shiny variant is even cooler.

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If you want to see more of this glorious creature, check out the new trailer promoting the new in-game event down below. The newest Switch title in the franchise, Pokemon Sword and Shield, is out now. Grab a copy on Amazon if you want it.

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