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How to get the Transient Fortitude mod in Warframe

How to get the Transient Fortitude mod in Warframe

The Transient Fortitude mod in Warframe is one of what could be considered the “staple” mods along with the likes of Vitality and Continuity. The offensive buffs offered by the Transient Fortitude mod are vital to many different builds in the game, and nearly any build guide focusing on different farming and other targeted activities in Warframe will make use of this mod.

So why is this mod so useful? Because of the massive and unequaled buff to abilities offered by said mod. And even with the nerf in reducing the Ability Duration of Warframe abilities, it’s very useful for almost any build. And the reduction in Ability Duration can be countered by a few other staple mods.

Transient Fortitude’s nerf of 27.5% to Ability Duration can be reduced by pairing in Continuity, Constitution or Primed Continuity. With the nerf being rounded up to 28%, Continuity will give a net +2% to ability duration, Constitution will simply negate its negative effects, and Primed Continuity will give a +27% ability duration at max rank.

This is one of many mods that drops within the Orokin Derelict. Specifically, these mods are one of several possible rewards from an Orokin Vault in the Orokin Derelict.

So unlike the Orokin Void farming method where you target containers in certain rooms, and obviously the treasure rooms, this is much more complex. The Orokin Vaults require a Dragon Key, which itself must be crafted in a Clan Dojo Orokin Lab.

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And even when you have that key, there are some extra steps involved, and the missions themselves are pretty tough, There are four types of Dragon Keys, and opening an Orokin Vault will require the player to have a matching Dragon Key equipped in one of their gear slots. Carrying one during a mission will confer a random debuff to that player, and when you actually open the Vault and claim the treasure, the map changes again. A new wave of Corrupted enemies complicate extraction, and the player claiming the treasure gets hit with another stacking debuff.

Check below for the stats of the Transient Fortitude mod in Warframe.

Rank Ability Strength Ability Duration Cost Strength/Cost
+5% -2.5% 6 0.8%
1 +10% -5% 7 1.4%
2 +15% -7.5% 8 1.9%
3 +20% -10% 9 2.2%
4 +25% -12.5% 10 2.5%
5 +30% -15% 11 2.7%
6 +35% -17.5% 12 2.9%
7 +40% -20% 13 3%
8 +45% -22.5% 14 3.2%
9 +50% -25% 15 3.3%
10 +55% -27.5% 16 3.4%
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