Can you edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6?

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Street Fighter 6 has exploded on to the scene and may well be the biggest fighting game launch of the decade, if not ever. The new World Tour mode is a fully-fledged 30+ hour RPG within Street Fighter 6, and it’s hugely popular for all the players. The mode has a ton of quests and random fights to be had, and serves as a great tutorial for the basics of the game. This new mode even allows you to make your own avatar and take them through the story. As you play, you can add special moves and Supers that fit your playstyle, creating your own entirely custom avatar in Street Fighter 6.

When you first make your character you get taken through the incredibly complex character creation suite. When you first make you character, it’s free to make them in any way. You can alter anything from their facial features, to tattoos and so much more. But what if you want to edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6, there’s a bit of a restriction on that. There are two current ways to edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6, and each one is pretty simple to use. Keep reading to learn more about the character customization system in this huge new fighting game.

How to edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6

The first time you get to jump in and change up your avatar, you will need to get through the first bit of the tutorial in World Tour. Get past the basic quest where Bosch runs off and chases down some random nonsense. Once the cutscene with you and your mentor plays, the shops in the square will unlock. The one you’re after is called the Lab Beauty Salon. The shop is located within the main Square where you first spawn within the overworld, so it’s very easy to find.

Street Fighter 6 Lab Salon

Head over to the door and enter in, you will again be greeted with the character creation tools. If you edit and save your avatar from this menu, you will need to have 1,000 Zenny to pay for the changes. You can edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6 as long as you have enough in-game cash. If you don’t just farm wins off of the random NPCs until you have enough. Even at low levels, you will be able to get the needed cash pretty quickly.

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There’s one other option to alter your avatar in, and that’s for the online section of the game.

Customizing your SF6 character in the Battle Hub

The Battle Hub is the online section of SF6 that allows you and your pals to fight each other in a custom lobby, as well as enter into tournaments and other unique modes. Enter into the Battle Hub from the main menu, and then you will see various options. Once you get into any of the Battle Lobbies, you can head to the back of the room and talk to the desk clerk. This NPC will allow you to open up the character creator. For the pretty affordable price of 50 Drive Tickets, you can then edit your avatar for use in the Battle Hub and Avatar Battles. You can get Drive Tickets by completing daily and weekly events for free, so be sure to play regularly.

And that’s it, that is all you need to do to edit your avatar in Street Fighter 6.

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