How to upgrade the Hammer of Proving in Destiny 2

How to earn hammer charges with the Hammer of Proving in Destiny 2

The Season of the Chosen in Destiny 2 pits players against the Red Legion and its elite warriors. It’s time to take the fight to the enemy in Season of the Chosen. This Season focuses on a new set of PvE playlists called Battlegrounds, and a lot of them have to do with the Hammer of Proving. This new item is very similar to the previous Season’s main focus, like the Cryptographic Lure. You will return to the hammer to both unlock upgrades and insert new Medallions. These are both very useful.

When you first begin the season’s new content, you will have to take part in the first of many Battlegrounds. You will need to socket a Challenge Medallion at some point. Once your hammer is ready for battle, you can then head into the Battlegrounds. The basic system is all about killing the bosses to get loot, but there are additional quests beyond that battlegrounds. You will need to upgrade the Hammer of Proving to unlock the higher Tiers of rewards, mostly in the form of upgrades you slot into the Hammer.

How to upgrade the Hammer of Proving in Destiny 2

There are different types of upgrades for the Hammer. You can slot in a Tribute Chest I upgrade, which refunds 1 Cabal Gold each time you smash open a Tribute Chest at the end of a battleground. To unlock the stronger and more useful upgrades, you need to increase your Reputation. Complete the Seasonal Challenges each week and you will be well on your upgrades for the Hammer of Proving.

These upgrades are called Proving Runes and can alter the way the Hammer works, and boost your farming efforts.

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How to increase your reputation at the War Table

When you upgrade the Hammer of Proving you will begin to unlock a new set of quests, these tasks will in turn increase your rank with the various factions involved in this Season’s story.

The War Table is basically a tracker for your progress in the Season. As you play the game, you will notice new challenges in your Quests page in your Director. These challenges are the new  Seasonal Challenges in Season of the Chosen. The basic idea is that the more you socket items into the Hammer of Proving and make use of it, the more powerful it can become. The unlocking of upgrades happens through completing these extra challenges, you will see certain rewards listed in the quest description in these cases.

For this week, the challenges are Contender’s Ascent, Golden Reaper, and Crash and Coverage. These are pretty basic and only really require you to put a few hours in this week to complete them. Check below for the guides to each week’s Seasonal Challenges

Season of the Chosen – All Seasonal Challenges

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