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Pokemon Uranium Goes Down Amid Fears of Legal Action


The long-awaited fan game Pokemon Uranium was finally released this week, and surprising absolutely no one, quickly taken down after potential legal threats from lawyers representing Nintendo of America. This move is not that surprising given Nintendo’s track record for using legal threats and action to silence dissent and attack infringement.

In a letter posted on their website, the developers explain why they have taken down the game for download on their website. While they have not personally been contacted, they have been told of multiple takedown notices sent by lawyers representing Nintendo of America, and decided to take it down in accordance with Nintendo’s expressed wishes. Most importantly, as they elaborate more in-depth in the comments, they will be patching and updating Pokemon Uranium as well as maintaining the online functions like GTS, Online Lobby and more.  So that’s good news for those who managed to snag a legitimate copy before the official download was taken down.

They clearly state that they have no connection to fans who reupload the game, and caution people about possible illegitimate downloads being unverified. That means those could have things like malware or viruses put in them to take advantage of trusting souls who click on it. And as there were an estimated 1.5 Million downloads of the game upon release, this seems pretty likely to occur.

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