How to play multiplayer with friends in Chivalry 2

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Playing games with friends you know well is a really fun process. Chivalry 2 is a new multiplayer game that pits up to two teams of 64 players in a medieval battle. It’s a bloody and wonderfully chaotic scene. And if you want to play with your friends, this might be the new goto multiplayer game for that. Chivalry 2 uses a party-based system that’s clearly tuned for consoles.

So here’s how to get in the game with your pals. Of course, they already need to have the game installed to play, and it needs to be a valid copy. Once you have that ready, the process you use will vary slightly based on the platforms you’re all playing on. We’re going to talk about PC gaming from here on as a focal point. Since the game is on Epic’s platform, it uses their services for multiplayer. You will first need to add anyone you wish to play with as a Friend via EGS.

  • Open the Epic Games Launcher, then click Friends
  • Select the Add Friend icon in the list of options
  • Enter your friend’s display name on the Epic Games Store, then click Send
  • Check the status of each request within the Outgoing tab, when they accept, it will disappear
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Once you have them added, get into the game and look on the main menu where you’re starting matchmaking.

Console ports of the game will work in a very similar way. You need to add folks as a friend via the friends list function on your respective console. Add your bros via the relevant method and get gaming!

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