How to find a Tribute Chest in Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen

Guide to the Tribute Chest in Destiny 2

The new HELM system has a bunch of refinements in Destiny 2 for Season of the Chosen. The new season has refined looting systems and added a big new PvE mode, just for starters. There’s plenty of things to be done while the new season is active. And speaking of the new PvE mode, it’s a great loot spinner. You can use the Tribute Chest at the end of any PvE Battleground to get Umbral Engrams and other rewards. Here’s what you need to know about these chests.

What are Tribute Chests in Destiny 2?

When you first begin the season’s new content, you will have to take part in the first of many Battlegrounds. You will need to socket a Challenge Medallion at some point. Once your hammer is ready for battle, you can then head into the Battlegrounds. When you complete a Battleground match, regardless of what kind you do, you have a chance to crack open a Tribute Chest. Tribute Chests can only be earned in the PvE mode, and since Bungie nerfed other sources of Umbral Engrams, it’s the best way to farm for them now.

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The primary use for a Tribute Chest in Season of the Chosen is the new Umbral Engram system. Since you need to farm Cabal Gold and Hammer Charges, you need to put a fair amount of effort into getting them. You won’t be able to get as many by just playing the game this season.

You first need to complete a match within the Battlegrounds playlists, then you earn a Hammer Charge. That will allow you to spend 14 Cabal Gold to consume the charge and bash open a chest at the end of a Battleground. You need to complete the match and break Tribute Chests with the Hammer of Proving to get the rewards.

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