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Some Anthem players are already underwhelmed by Cataclysm

Anthem Cataclysm Content Coming Soon

The 8 week event planned to revitalize Anthem may already be on shaky ground. General reactions online to the previews the developer has shown so far, are less than excited. Players are not so enthused by the idea of what one Redditor described as, “And their cataclysm graphical effect is basically tinting the screen blue, while you fight a progress bar by doing things to add time to it. Such a sucky mechanic.”

And yeah, it sucks that people are unhappy, but it’s important to remember that previous perceptions of the state of Anthem, however valid they were, are probably at play here.

After all, this kind of response is sort of exactly what BioWare are looking for. Players finding bugs and gameplay issues that make the experience less fun is why it’s being tested and hyped so much before launch. There’s a lot of changes that Cataclysm makes that aren’t even related to gameplay too. Expanding weather effects, retooling some map areas, and expanded loot options are just the tip of the iceberg for this major overhaul.

Don’t get me wrong though, the doubts about whether this is enough new content, and a thorough enough rework of existing mechanics, are worthy of consideration. It remains to be seen whether this 8 weeks of a special event will bring players back at all. And if that fails to happen, then the hopes of fixing other issues go right out of the window.

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One thing that is actually really concerning, is that apart from stat tweaks like the removal of Luck Inscriptions, the changes brought on by Cataclysm appear mostly self-contained. This means that once the 8 weeks close, there’s not going to be much to do in Anthem and many of the older issues with the design and implementation of mechanics will remain. Without an entirely new stable of maps, enemies, Strongholds and mountains of gear, I can’t see how this whole thing is supposed to help.

BioWare needs something more than just limited-time modes to bring players in, it doesn’t have the luxury of being Fortnite. And if it wants to keep running, there needs to be something more substantive.

Source: Reddit

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