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How to get Ducats in Warframe

How to get Ducats in Warframe

Warframe is a pretty complex game, there are so many moving parts that it’s hard to get a handle on them all. One of the more obtuse mechanics surrounds Prime parts in the game, and that’s Ducats in Warframe. Ducats are useful for a few different things, but mostly they’re used to buy the special items that Void Trade Baro Ki’Teer has in stock. He appears every so often with a new stock and charges Ducats for rare Prime parts and Blueprints. He even has rare cosmetic items from time to time.

So it’s in your best interest to learn how to find the Void Trader and to always have some Ducats on hand to buy anything from him you might want. To that end, here’s a very simple guide on how to get Ducats in Warframe.

How to get Ducats in Warframe

Ducats can be gained from a couple of sources, but the primary way to get them is farming for Prime parts. This process involves first farming for Void Relics, then you “crack” the Void Relic to get a roll at one of the items that can drop from that Relic. Your choice here is simple, either try to sell the Blueprint for Platinum, or craft the Prime part you get as a Blueprint, then trade that Prime part for Ducats.

After you crack the Relic and decide to sell the part you don’t want, it’s time to head to the trading kiosk. Travel to any Relay, and go to where Baro normally appears. The terminals you find here will be your goal. You will usually see players crowded around them so look for the Terminals everyone is near and you know you’re in the right place. You can trade any of the Prime parts you have for Ducats at this Kiosk.

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Prime parts have a set value based on rarity. Common drops can be sold for 15; Uncommon drops sell for 45, and Rare drops sell for 100. Given those values, it’s worth your time to consider which parts you want to trade for Platinum, and which ones you want to chuck for Ducats. Now, you can go spend your Ducats at Baro to get various rare items from him. Check those Relays and see what he has for you.

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