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World War Z has an insanely high-energy launch trailer

World War Z Launch Trailer

World War Z has been getting pretty aggressive, much like the undead hordes at the center of it’s gameplay, with promotion over the last few weeks. From trailers showing the swarming hordes, to those detailing the mulitplayer and other gameplay offerings, there’s a fair bit of meat on these bones. And now, there’s just one more trailer to watch before we can finally get to blasting the undead in the face next week. Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have just released a new gameplay trailer for World War Z which recaps everything the teams have shown off so far, and gets player hyped up for some zombie-killing action.

This new zombie shooter takes players on quite the global journey, featuring locations all over the world, Saber Interactive and Focus Home Interactive have crafted a globe-trotting tour of violence across multiple iconic locales, including New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Tokyo.

With actual gameplay offerings focusing on taking out massive zombie hordes, there’s a surprising amount of depth here. You and three friends can battle your way across the ruined locales we talked about earlier, stalked the entire time by intelligent and hungry masses of undeath. You can choose from six different character classes, each with their own specializations and weapon focuses. And since the game is making use of the custom Swarm Engine, the zombies that stalk you will have to be dealt with intelligently. Creating natural chokepoints to overlap fire onto is key to survival in this game, because getting overwhelmed is a death sentence. Can you survive

World War Z is out soon, the zombie game launches on April 16 for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. Check out the latest trailer celebrating the impending launch, down below.

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