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World War Z trailer shows off six in-game classes

World War Z Horde Trailer

World War Z marks another title set to join the growing lineup of games on the Epic Games storefront. The upcoming zombie shooter pits teams of players against swarms of hungry zombies in a mass of chaos and action. Saber Interactive released a new trailer ahead of the games launch on the Epic store to give players an insight into the class system in the title.

World War Z is taking things in a very interesting direction with their class system, at least for team-based zombie shooters. The title features a total of six classes, each with their own weapon sets and skills which are uniquely suited to one thing, killing zombies, as you could have guessed. And since the game is going for a slightly more immersive and realistic feel with its gameplay, we can bet that these classes will primarily in their loadouts, rather than unique designs and characterization. This isn’t Team Fortress 2 after all.

The six classes are as follows:

  • The Slasher – This is a melee-focused badass who uses stealth and really big blades to take on zombies in small groups. Think of this like the mopping up crew after you take down a larger swarm.
  • The Hellraiser is a demolitions expert with a flair for the dramatic. Use your bombs and close-range shotguns to mow down enemies at the front of a pack, then lure the remains into an explosive trap to mop them up.
  • The Exterminator is your more generalized problem-solver. With some skill in demolitions, and a decent amount of medium-range weaponry, this class can set up prepared positions for a group to take on a horde from with ease.
  • The Gunslinger is your primary ranged character, with a penchant for picking off swarms from afar, but can also handle itself up close with some heavy machinegun action. This character should work in tandem with the Hellraiser and Exterminator to deal with the bulk of large hordes.
  • The Medic is your first major support class. Focus on keeping your teammates up and firing with this character, but if needed you can start picking off enemies at range in a pinch. The Medic also has some interesting stealth abilities that can get your team out of a tight jam.
  • The Fixer is basically the pinch hitter for your team. This heavy-hitter can deal with large hordes pretty easily, but it’s pretty slow so it will need support from other team members in most instances.
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The new class trailer for World War Z can be seen below. The game launches in 2019, and is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC via Epic Games store.

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