How to avoid arrow traps in Spelunky 2

How to avoid arrow traps in Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 is pretty devious. Being loaded with all manner of traps and other threats, there’s too many to cover in just one rundown. One of the more common ones is the arrow traps in Spelunky 2. These deceptively simple traps will fill you full of holes before you even notice them. So you have to be careful in disarming or dodging them. Here’s how to do just that.

Getting nailed by an arrow won’t instantly kill you, but it will end up taking a big chunk out of your health, and that’s really annoying. The arrows can also cause you to lose momentum and be pushed into an enemy or even another trap.

There are a few ways to avoid these, here are the best ways to avoid arrow traps in Spelunky 2.

Use an object to set them off

The first thing you should do when dealing with these is to just set them off ahead of you. The traps will only trigger if something passes within their zone, and within seven tiles of the trap itself, so just chucking an object into this field can cause the trap to trip. This includes the arrows that have been fired from other arrow traps. So if you really want to be clever, you can use arrows from another arrow trap to trigger new ones you encounter.

Blow them up

The best way to really get these annoyances out of your way is to just blast them. If you toss a bomb into range of the trap, it may trigger the trap, but it will also destroy it. Keep in mind that you may need those bombs to destroy other obstacles, so expect to save your bombs for other stuff if you really want to get around the level in the best way.

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Fall past them

You could also get kind of luck with dodging these things. The gameplay in Spelunky 2 makes a lot of use of momentum. The player can even use this by falling past a trap faster than it can trigger. his means that the arrow will fall down after you have already gone past the trap, making it near impossible to hit with an arrow. Just make sure to not get hit on the rebound.

Crack the whip

If you’re very skilled at the game, there is one more option you can use to stop arrows from hitting you. If you time the crack of a whip just right, it should swat the arrow away and cause it to stop in its tracks. This is very much a last resort though, as it’s kind of hard to pull off reliably. If you’re able to do it though, expect to take no damage from a trap when done right.

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