Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

Another day, another daily commission quest in Genshin Impact. This time you’re on the hook for jumping around and finding another new NPC. The new quest can be obtained from Sara at the Good Hunter in Mondstadt. Go here and ask her about what she wants you to find. Turns out that Sara wants you to help out with delivering food around the area. Your first stop here is to find Ernest and get his help with the food deliveries.

You can complete four random commissions every day to earn some free Primogems and Adventure EXP in Genshin Impact. So, that means you should do it even if it’s a bit annoying to handle. All the commission quests are great and quick ways to level up characters if you know what to do. For this one, it’s very simple as it’s a basic fetch quest.

The daily commission quest entitled Food Delivery begins in Mondstadt at the Good Hunter. Waitress Sara is working hard to deliver food to all its clients, but the restaurant is understaffed. You’ll need to help her out in exchange for some EXP and delicious meals.

Where to find Ernest in Genshin Impact

Ernest is located outside of Dawn Winery in Mondtsadt. Once you have accepted the quest, you can head to the Dawn Winery waypoint via fast travel. Players can grab the quest at the Good Hunter in Mondstadt. Once you’re at the waypoint, head straight to the Dawn Winery. You’re meant to take the food parcel to Ernest, who will have a marker over his head. After delivering the food, you will need to head back to Sara to turn in the quest.

Turning the finished quest in will neet you a Crab, Ham & Veggie Bake item that’s a pretty good food item, as well as 10 Primogems.

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