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Marvel’s Iron Man VR 1.06 patches in New Game+ and more

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Camouflaj has released a new patch, bringing Marvel’s Iron Man VR 1.06 to the masses. The patch adds a ton of new content, bug fixes, and even a New Game+ mode.

The New Game+ mode adds a new layer of challenge for experienced players. Those who have already completed the game will find that the new mode adds tougher enemies to missions, as well as giving out new rewards for completing these new harder missions. Marvel’s Iron Man VR is out now for PlayStation VR. The Marvel’s Iron Man VR 1.06 patch is free for all users. There’s also a new Ultimate difficulty if you’re just not challenged enough. This new mode increases enemy health and damage, making the game the hardest it has ever been.

To cope with the higher difficulty, players have access to some new gear. The new weapons will be available through the Armor Station, and include the Continuous Beam Repulsor, the EM Charge Cannon, the Micro Swarm, and the Gravity Bomb. These are much tougher compared to existing weapons, and will be vital for dealing with stronger foes. So if you want to take on the new Ultimate difficulty, these are for you.

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There is one additional bonus for fans in the 1.06 patch. Those who missed out on the launch weekend events for the game, in which you could claim unique items, you now have a shot at them.

“Another set of eight awesome Custom Armor Decos by our character artist Chris Foster will be added to the Armor Station in the garage, along with new challenges to overcome for unlocking them,” continued the developer. “Among the eight Custom Armor Decos is the Iron Patriot, in case you missed our launch weekend promotion.”

Marvel’s Iron Man VR 1.06 wraps up the changes with some Quality-of-Life changes that make the game move faster. Side missions can now be skipped entirely, but you will still have to play them if you want all of the achievements. For other missions, load times have also been reduced.

All in all, a very solid patch for the game.

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