How to win an award for Best Actor in BitLife

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Breaking into the Hollywood scene can be hard in BitLife. You need to put in the blood, sweat and tears into building your character and perfecting your talents. Taking lessons is just the beginning, there’s a lot more to the BitLife Movie Star update than meets the eye. For this guide, we’re going to explain how to win an award for Best Actor in BitLife. But first, let’s do some basic setup.

You need to start cultivating your Talent young by taking Acting Lessons at eight years old, and keep doing it each year. The lessons will cost $3,000 once you hit 18, so keep that in mind. Then, start using the Mind & Body menu to go on walks and work out at the gym. You need to have fairly high Looks stats to get auditions. Next, get an agent once you can afford it. This will cost $1,500. Use the Actor job to take a few roles as an extra to make some basic cash when you first hit adulthood, this should give you enough cash to get started. Another thing you should do is take a few low-end movie roles. Taking some low-quality scripts as your first roles can be a huge help. Doing things this way should set up your career quite nicely.

How to win an award for Best Actor in BitLife

Once you’ve gotten the grunt work out of the way, you’re ready to try and win that award. The first thing you need to know is how to pick a good role. Picking a bad show or movie drastically reduces your chances of success in earning this achievement.

You have two options for when you want to audition for roles in BitLife. The easiest one is just to try and find roles yourself. Click Occupation, then Special Careers, and the Actor job. From here, choose from either a TV or Movie role. The game will give you a bunch of options for roles to audition for. From there, you just have to hope you do well. The other option for finding roles is to let your agent handle it. Picking roles relies on having high marks in a few areas. When you first search for a role, you will see the Script Quality and Your Fit listed when you click it. If it’s a TV role, you will also see Popularity listed. In short, you want all three of these to be as high as possible for roles you want to try to win the award Best Actor in BitLife with.

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Using the Develop Character and Practice options with your Actor job menu are key here. You can do each of these multiple times per year, so be sure to increase the Performance meter until it’s maxed out each time before you age up. it also can’t hurt to try and build your personal Fame as well. Try posting on social media to build your follower account. Being famous does seem to help your chances of doing well as a movie or TV star.

You will also have to deal with random events during filming. You might be asked to go on a location shoot that involves travel, or you might even be asked to eat a raw bass. Yes really, that happened to me. Anyway, the point is that you need to be somewhat agreeable to do well. The easier you are to work with, the better the move or TV show should turn out.

Winning the Award

If you’re lucky and patient, you will release a film or TV show that does will with critics, that should mean you’re about to win the award. When you actually get the random event at the end of filming. you will be asked to take part in the awards ceremony. Attend in person if you can. If you win, you will be notified as such, and earn the achievement. Beyond that. you will also be prompted to give an acceptance speech. The speech is a chance to improve your reputation, so in most cases, opt to reduce your Smugness and Length, while increasing your Gratitude. This generally goes over pretty well.

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