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How to farm Ferrite in Warframe (2021)

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Ferrite is one of the most needed basic components for crafting in Warframe. It’s a very common resource, meaning you will also need tons of it. The game uses it in tons of crafting recipes, guaranteeing you will need to farm for it at some point. There are tons of ways to farm, both in a group and solo, but these are the best ways we found that work for most players. Here are some general tips to get plenty of Ferrite in Warframe.

How to farm Ferrite in Warframe

You can get this resource from pretty much anywhere. The more difficult the mission, the more likely you are to get large supply caches and tons of rare drops. The lower-level planets have smaller caches, so farming them early on is only really useful until you get access to later nodes. The Orokin Void missions are by far the best for farming anything. Here are all the nodes you can get Ferrite in Warframe:

  • Mercury
  • Earth
  • Lue
  • Neptune
  • Orokin Void

So if you’re focusing on farming something like Relics, you will also be able to get thousands of units of Ferrite. The trick is to get as good group. Nekros is a huge help if running with a group. Hydroid with Pilfering Swarm is another good option. Setting up a good support build for these frames and bringing along a solid DPS setup can really speed up farming for any resources, including Ferrite in Warframe.

Survival or Interception are the best options for good groups. If you have some friends online and they want to farm, this is the best option. Have one player keep up the Nekros or Hydroid spam, while the others keep everyone clear of enemies. Bringing a support-focused build to keep the Energy flowing is a big help here too. In this case, you want something like Trinity for support.

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If you’re running a Survival, camping is a viable strategy. A good Loki or Ash build is key, as you can send out the stealth player to grab Life Support. That way, everyone else on the team can just funnel enemies into a kill box. Every five-minute rotation you survive in these missions brings tougher enemies and more resources. By far, this is the best way to farm.

If you’re just blitzing for Relics, focus on something like Assassination. But you could take some time to try and find the branches in these shorter missions with treasure rooms.  That is better if you’re playing solo and want quick farming runs each time. You won’t get as many Ferrite or other drops, but it’s not a bad way to get crafting materials.

You can bring Resource Boosters along to help in farming too. If you get a daily reward with a 6-hour Resource Booster, now is the perfect time to go farming for resources. Finally, if you have a Smeeta Kavat, its Charm ability will increase the number of resource drops that you collect. Don’t spend any real money on Resource Boosters or Platinum to get resources like this though, they’re a huge waste of money. Instead, focus on spending money on a Nekros Prime if you really want it, as the build possibilities are much better with the Prime variant.

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