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Riot begins $100,000 bug bounty for Valorant

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Security in Valorant, like in any other competitive online game, is a pretty big issue. With hackers and cheaters being very ubiquitous in online games running rampant in online games, players can get very tired of the whole problem. So now, Riot has announced a $100,000 bug bounty program that will reward users a cash prize for finding and reporting game-breaking bugs and security issues within the game.

According to a statement on HackerOne:

Alongside our new game VALORANT, we have deployed our new anti-cheat solution Vanguard that leverages a kernel driver to combat cheaters more effectively. To reinforce our commitment to our players’ security, we are offering special bounties for up to $100,000 for high quality reports that demonstrate practical exploits leveraging the Vanguard kernel driver.

Riot wants players to beat the code and the game until it gives up the ghost. Different classes of bugs and issues are rated fro different rewards, with Riot wanting users to focus on a few different areas. Data security is important, having user data stored in an insecure fashion is a big problem in 2020. But the real issues revolve around network-level threats.

A local attack method of accessing players’ personal data is worth $25,000. A network-level attack earns a larger reward. This makes sense though with the game being entirely online. If there was a way to consistently disrupt matches, it would be pretty terrible for the reputation of the game as a whole. There is another class of bug covered under the program, and that’s a network attack that doesn’t even require user interaction.

Valorant also recently began its first major testing phase, letting users take the game for a spin while trying out a few of the different heroes that will be in the game. The full release of Valorant is still a ways out, so users will have to make do with what we have so far. Despite its early state though, the game looks very promising.

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