Where to find the Empress of Light in Terraria 1.4

Where to find the Empress of Light in Terraria 1.4

The new update for Terraria is update 1.4, titled Journey’s End, and it has a handful of new bosses and other challenges to take on. Players will find several new high-level bosses in certain areas, each with their own unique boss fights and loot drop tables. One of these is a new optional boss battle for a powerful being called the Empress of Light. This boss can be taken on after you manage to defeat Plantera. It’s not an easy fight, check out our guide below for more details on this boss.

The Empress of Light fight is not easy. Players will have to dodge tons of light sprays and diving attacks from the boss. It may be a beautiful enemy, but it’s attacks are deadly all the same. You can trigger the fight during either day or night, with some restricted drops for each timeframe. The problem is that if you start the fight during the day the boss gets a major buff to its damage. You might want to take on the boss at night as a result.

Plantera is the key to accessing the Empress of Light fight. To find and fight the Empress of Light make your way to Hallow biomes, the next step is to find the Prismatic Lacewing. This small fly will be buzzing around the zone, hover your mouse over it to check. Visually it looks like a small black fly at night. This unique fairy enemy is a rare spawn so you may need to spend some time in the Hallow to find one. Once you’ve found it, kill it. This will force the boss to spawn.

What items Does the Empress of Light Drop?

The pool of drops for the Empress of Light is pretty varied. Players can access different rewards based on when they take the fight on. Item drops for this boss are also affected by rarity in many cases. There is even a selector for which weapon the player uses to beat the boss. Each of the numbers below corresponds to the drop chance for that item. Check out the full list of drops and their conditions below.

  • 5-15 Greater Healing Potion (100%)
  • Empress of Light Mask (14.29%)
  • Empress of Light Trophy (10%)
  • Magic Weapon: Nightglow (25%)
  • Accessory: Soaring Insignia (100% From Treasure Bag)
  • Stellar Tune (2%)
  • Whip: Kaleidoscope (25%)
  • Empress Wings (6.67%)
  • Bow: Eventide (25%)
  • Prismatic Dye (25%)
  • Sword Day Defeat: Terraprisma (100%)
  • Sword Night Defeat: Starlight (25%)

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