How to use the Exotic Reconfiguration in The Division 2

The Division 2 Title Update 9

With the recent release of Title Update 9 into The Division 2, Ubisoft introduced a new system for the hardcore elements of the playerbase. The Exotics system remains largely the same though. Players will acquire an Exotic piece of gear along with its blueprints through the various missions and ops that normally drop them. But now, players have a use for all those junk pieces of gear with Exotic Reconfiguration in The Division 2.

Exotic Reconfiguration in The Division 2 is a very simple idea applied to a game that definitely needed a meta shakeup. A lot of players in the game felt that the balance needed some attention, as many talents and weapon choices were basically useless for top-end play. Title Update 9 has a bunch of changes to the core gameplay and balance as well as the new crafting systems. Start exploring the new Exotic Reconfiguration by heading to any HQ in the game.

The system involves two trips to crafting stations within the game. Players can first visit a crafting station to create a new variant of the fresh Exotic. Then, you want to take it to the Recalibration Table to roll new modifications and values on the item. All reconfigured exotics immediately change to match your character level, with the values on their mods to match. If you acquired the weapon when you were level 37, it would jump up to character level 40.

The real bonus here is that the older version of the item could be reworked into a more powerful variant, of course, it is entirely dependent on RNG. There’s a lot of randomness here, so it could become a fairly big materials sink depending on the materials needed for each roll. Think of it as a Chaos Orb for The Division 2, if you’re a Path of Exile player, this new systems allows players to reroll the mods and values on their Exotics. This will give older items some element of use in the new meta-game, assuming the roll is pretty high. Guess we better hope for god-tier rolls then.

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Every exotic requires a list of materials for you to craft it, the requirements can be seen on the side of the screen when an Exotic is added to the crafting station in any HQ. Because of these requirements, it’s likely a good idea to focus on rerolling the newer Exotics first, maybe they can be made much more powerful if you’re lucky.

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