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Stoneshard is a new RPG that blends modern genre conventions with a charming retro look. The game has a really interesting class and gear system that allows for multiple playstyles and ability combos that are reminiscent of the CRPGs of old. But Stoneshard innovates on the retro RPG formula by adding more complex bosses and gameplay mechanics.

If you’re looking for more Stoneshard guides, we’ve got you covered. We have guides for how to manage your inventory in this new RPG. There’s also a guide for picking the best class. And with all the different ways to play, you’re spoiled for choice.  There’s also the Archon boss that’s been giving some players trouble. Now, onto the thing you’re here for, a guide for Cooking in Stoneshard.

Cooking in Stoneshard is a pretty simple process, you really just need to find a campfire and cook something on it. Finding campfires spread around the game is pretty easy, just look for the rock formation with the wood in it. There’s one in Osbrook to the left of the Herbalist, look around the south side for the house. Once you’re at a fire, just right-click to begin cooking, you don’t need an extra materials. You need to cook any raw food to get the full benefit.

There are going to be different options to cook, but those are due in future updates.

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The best dishes in the game are those that grant both a Hunger reduction and Hunger Resistance. Right now that’s just Venison, the stats for which can be seen below.

  • Venison (Raw): -30% Hunger (Cooked): -40% Hunger, -15% Hunger resistance

Once you have the materials, you’re ready to start cooking. Though you still need something to cook, and that’s where hunting comes in.  There’s a possibility of finding raw food ingredients in dungeon barrels and the like, but it’s pretty random.


The best places for hunting in Stoneshard are densely forested areas.

The two sources for Venison in Soneshard are Deer and Moose, and these are the only two sources for this ingredient in the RPG. And yes, Venison is the only meat source in the game that drops form animals. So when you go hunting for grub, focus on those two enemies. There are also foxes and wolves that can be hunted as well, but they don’t drop any meat. The developer has said that future updates will include more meat types, so this will change at some point.

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