NBA 2K22: How to get traded in MyCareer

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NBA 2K22 has added a lot of depth this year. The game has the new City and MyCareer revamps that offer players more options for player potential and progression. But sometimes, when trying to build your phenom, things don’t work out. Sometimes, you need to get traded. Whether you’re not gelling with the team or not, is up to you. Getting traded is easy. Here’s a guide on how to get traded in MyCareer in NBA 2K22.

You need to know how the trade system works, first of all. Trade requests are the core of the system. And like other sports games, there’s some randomness involved. You will unlock trade requests once you get to Starter Status. Getting there involves doing quests in the City and getting your player rating up. The simple fact is, the more teams like you, the more likely they are to honor your request.

How to get Traded

There are multiple steps to this process. You first need to progress in MyCareer to the right point, then you need to request a trade. Here’s what to do.

Getting Ready

After you’ve played your first game as starter, you should get a message on your phone in-game. A short tutorial video should play that triggers your first trade request as part of the MyCareer story. At this point, you will be given a choice. If you want to get traded in MyCareer, tell Perkins that you do. Depending on the version of the game being played, the next step varies a bit.

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Current-gen players will need to complete the quest entitled The Come Up: Trade Rumors. Last-gen game owners need to get a cutscene. Just keep playing games until you see the trade cutscene. This is because the quest system was cut down for the sake of last-gen hardware. From this point on, trying to get traded in MyCareer works pretty much the same on any version.

Signing the Deal

The prep work is done, and now you can pick your destination team. You have the choice between picking from three teams. Once you’ve chosen your team, to get traded in MyCareer, you need to ask them about it.

Now you need to go into the City and talk to two different people. You need to find the team owner you wish to talk to over at the practice court. Talk to them about the trade. Once you’ve convinced them to join, it’s time to announce it. You then need to find the reporter Candice Green and announce the deal. Last-gen players should get messages from the team owner and then get asked about the trade.

Once you have done that, the trade should go through at some point.

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