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CCP Announces Mission Tracking Changes


Ahoy-hoy pilots!

Just to inform you that the Missions Objective Guidance feature (affectionaly called the Mission Tracker) has now been enabled on Singularity.
This handy little feature resides in the Agent info-panel of the UI. It sits to the left of the mission, and tracks the various states of your mission giving you some helpful hints of how to complete the mission. It will update when a mission has been completed, and advise you to return to the agent.
It’s been a difficult feature to implement, and we are trying to refine some of the hints now so they are as helpful as they can possibly be. So please give feedback on this.
And if you do have a mission where the tracker does not seem to be helpful, please tell me the name of the mission, and the agent too.

And then tell me what it is about the tracker hint that doesn’t quite add up. Smile
Please go forth, and give it a try. We will be waiting eagerly for feedback so that we can polish it further. We of course have a few ideas of our own for where to take this, we will be discussing this further in an upcoming dev blog.

EVE Online team member CCP Paradox in a recent forum post announced the inclusion of an improved mission tracking system into the game.  The status and progress of PVE missions in EVE Online should be easier to understand.  It should also offer helpful hints on how to actually complete these missions.  A feat that’s mostly accomplished via 3rd party services that have collected the information together for players.

Whilst some have complained about the missions being easy to beat already, I am actually excited since this could lead to even more complex missions which should add interesting content to the game. We’ll see how that fares.  And given the fact that EVE still suffers from UI drawbacks and quirky design choices after this long will mean just about everyone is being cynical about this.  But it wouldn’t be EVE if they weren’t.

CCP will likely continue to iterate on the epic space MMO, so expect more news of this type in the future.

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